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R.I.P. comedian Brody Stevens

Photo: Gary Miller (Getty Images)

TMZ reports today that comedian Brody Stevens, a beloved favorite in the stand-up world, has died. Stevens’ death is currently being reported as a suicide.

Known for his frequent, whiplash-inducing swerves in topic, an energy best described as “delightfully audience hostile,” and a staccato, fast-paced delivery that often mimicked the energy of the world’s most deranged motivational speaker, Stevens was a unique talent in the working comic’s world, frequently described as a “force of nature” by friends and fans. Looking through his film and television credits—projects with Zack Galifianakis, appearances on pretty much all of the big late-night shows, guest spots on Comedy Bang! Bang!, Children’s Hospital, and in the Hangover films—it’s easy to tease out his role in the comedy ecosystem: the guy who made other comedians crack the hell up.

As news of Stevens’ death breaks today, his fellow comics have been pouring on to social media to pay tribute to their friend, tell stories, and spread reminders about suicide prevention and mental health resources. Reading through them, it becomes clear that Stevens—“STEVEN! BRODY! STEVENS!”—wasn’t just playing a part; he really was that enthusiastic, strange, and delightful in his day-to-day life, and that the comedy world will be a lot less joyful, and a lot more unwelcomely normal, in his absence.


Stevens was 48.


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