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R.I.P. Bruley, Queer Eye’s adorable canine mascot

Screenshot: Queer Eye (Netflix)

Sad news for fans of Queer Eye’s frequent special guest star: Bruley, the adorable French bulldog has died, CNN reports. The four-legged friend, who needed no fashion or beauty assistance due to his own perfection, belonged to Queer Eye producer Michelle Silva, and would occasionally waddle onto the set to nap on various cast members during episode tapings of the Netflix series.


Bruley’s owner reports that the bulldog was 10 at the time of his passing, which is on the early end of the 10-14 age range for French bulldogs. She described on Instagram, “He just had too much love and heart for his physical body. It all happened so fast, but I held him as he took his last breath, and I was able to tell him I loved him the very most… I told him everyday I loved him more than anything in the world, and I reminded him of that over and over as he slipped out of this life.” The photogenic pup was a big hit with Queer Eye fans, and eventually amassed almost 300K InstaGram followers. 

Cast member Bobby Berk commended Bruley for his “jump kisses” and even his grunts and farts. Those loft viewings now will never be the same. Enjoy that rainbow bridge, pal.


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