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R.I.P. Aliens and Dark Knight Rises actor Jay Benedict

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Photo: Ferdaus Shamim (Getty Images)

Jay Benedict, an actor whose credits included roles in Aliens and The Dark Knight Rises, has died at the age 68 due to complications from COVID-19. Benedict passed away on April 4, as announced by his management company:

Although born in California, Benedict spent much of his life and career in the UK, where he gained notoriety for his roles in Emmerdale and Foyle’s War. Following his turn in the former, Benedict landed recurring roles on Couples and Yanks Go Home. In 1986, the actor appeared in James Cameron’s Aliens as Newt’s father, though the role was uncredited. Other notable credits include roles in the 1997 action flick Double Team, the acclaimed drama series Lilyhammer, and a small role in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, in which he played “Rich Twit.”


As The Guardian reports, Benedict has left behind a wife and two sons: He was married to fellow actor Phoebe Scholfield, known for her role on Allo Allo. Together, the couple had two sons, Leopold and Freddie, both of whom are also actors. Benedict is the latest actor to succumb to complications from contracting COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. Vicki Michelle, who appeared opposite Benedict’s wife in Allo Allo, shared a remembrance of the actor on Twitter:

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