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Quick new Shazam! trailer pokes fun at The Dark Knight and tries to buy some beer

Just in case you need a reminder: Shazam! looks like a hell of a lot of fun. This new trailer is weirdly short, but what it lacks in runtime it makes up for in new footage that makes it clear that this is unlike any other superhero movie that Warner Bros. has put out in the last few decades—to the point where the big dramatic tagline that flashes onscreen is a play on the iconic “Why so serious?” line from The Dark Knight. Also, Shazam tries to use his new status as an apparent adult to try and buy beer and get a loan for a secret superhero lair, which is super fun. It’s all fun, really, but in a different way from how Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are fun. Is it possible that there really is room in the world for different kinds of superhero movies that all strike different tones based on what is best-suited for their specific superheroes? We’ll see if Shazam! is actually as good as its trailers before making a claim that bold.


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