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Quibi rebooting Legends Of The Hidden Temple with adults, since that shit was way too hard for kids

Screenshot: Legends Of The Hidden Temple (YouTube)

Quibi, the star-studded, nostalgia-draining short-form streaming service that’s set to launch in April, has been digging through your skull. What scraps of pop culture ephemera are still swimming in the Mountain Dew puddles flooding the creases of your brain? Oh, is that James Van Der Beek saying “I don’t want your life”? Harrison Ford jumping into a waterfall? Kate Hudson playfully tugging on Matthew McConaughey’s tie? Ashton Kutcher’s trucker hat and Chris Hardwick’s middle part? Quibi wants them, in some form or another.

And that’s why just days after we reported on its Singled Out reboot, we’re here to tell you that of course Quibi is rebooting Legends Of The Hidden Temple, the Nickelodeon mainstay best remembered for traumatizing children and a talking hunk of stone (?) named Olmec.


Ah, but there’s a twist! Because forcing kids to scoop up Blue Barracudas in clouds of blinding fog filled with scary, half-dressed adult men is borderline child abuse, the reboot will task grown women and men with completing its near-impossible challenges. Per Buzzfeed, Olmec will return, as will challenges like the Moat Crossing and Temple Run. Oh, and it will also be set in an actual jungle, where the snakes aren’t so silver.

Quibi launches in April of next year. See a full list of everything heading to the platform here.


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