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Scotty’s about to get beamed the fuck up, y’all. In the latest issue of Empire, Quentin Tarantino discussed his Star Trek movie, which is still very much in the works, apparently. The filmmaker, who is preparing to release Once Upon A Time In Hollywood this summer, says the new Star Trek already has a script—though he hasn’t had time to “weigh in on it” given his commitments Once Upon A Time. Tarantino also confirmed—to the surprise of literally no one—that there will be plenty of swearing in his Trek. In fact, if he has his way, it will most certainly be an R-rated Star Trek movie. “It’s an R-rated movie,” said Tarantino. “If I do it, it’ll be R-rated.”


That last bit is of particular note, as Tarantino has yet to formally sign on to direct the project. If Tarantino doesn’t direct the new Star Trek, it might not wind up with an R rating, as it’s hard to imagine Paramount making the same concession for another filmmaker. Tarantino has previously stated that he’ll retire after directing 10 films, and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is his ninth. He could always change his mind, of course; an argument could also be made that the new Trek wouldn’t count if Tarantino isn’t directing from his own script.

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