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Quentin Tarantino writing a Django Unchained and Zorro crossover comic

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As a man who clearly knows the importance of getting everything out of your slave, Quentin Tarantino has followed up his plans to develop a Django Unchained miniseries out of his unused footage with the announcement of a Django comic book—one that will team him with a fellow, vengeance-obsessed guy whose name ends in a vowel: Zorro. Tarantino will co-write Django/Zorro with Matt Wagner, whose Zorro series for Dynamite Entertainment reportedly convinced the director “what a good idea it was to join these two icons together,” according to an official statement.


That crossover is due out sometime later this year through Dynamite and DC, which published a graphic novel adaptation of Django Unchained in 2013. It’s still under wraps what exactly Django and Zorro will be doing once their paths converge, and they realize their shared affinity for liberating people and hatred for wealthy plantation owners. But presumably it involves 144 pages of a gunslinging Django futilely trying to splatter blood in the form of a “D,” all while Zorro laughs in his hearty, Zorro way.

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