Quentin Tarantino is one of those people whose name is often “attached” to projects just as endorsement or out of borrowed cachet, so to more cautious readers, there’s not much reason to believe that his involvement in the spaghetti Western tentatively titled The Angel, The Bad And The Wise goes beyond merely appearing in the credits. Still, the film—which was mentioned recently by Italian actor Franco Nero as his next project—certainly boasts a decidedly Tarantino aura already, what with a preliminary cast that includes Keith Carradine and Treat Williams, and the fact that it’s being pitched as an homage to Sergio Leone. (Missing so far: a hot, pot-smoking, perpetually barefoot girl who likes all the same movies and music that Quentin Tarantino does.) But beyond that, nothing is really known at this point: Nero said only that the film would be produced in the U.S. with the involvement of several American names, including Tarantino.

However, then there’s this update from Ain’t It Cool, who says that the rumor is that Tarantino’s next film definitely is a spaghetti Western—although this title is reportedly all wrong, even allowing for the creativity of Google Translate—one that he’s supposedly planning on making with Christoph Waltz, and which could quite possibly include all of the people named above. Again, there’s nothing confirmed at this point, but given that Tarantino has long talked about his interest in making a film in the Western genre (and briefly appeared in one, Takashi Miike's Sukiyaki Western Django), this seems entirely plausible. Which is bad news for anyone still waiting for Tarantino to finally settle down and make a nice romantic comedy.