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Illustration for article titled Quentin Tarantino plans to adapt iThe Hateful Eight/i for the stage

Given the theatricality of the rollout of his latest film, it’s not surprising to learn that Quentin Tarantino’s been considering adapting The Hateful Eight for the theater for some time now. Following the Golden Globes Sunday night, the director chatted about his plans for a stage play of the film, telling The Wrap that he’s “thought it out completely. I’m just waiting for this [awards] season to be over so I can write it.” Tarantino also intends to direct the stage version of The Hateful Eight; there’s currently no word on when he’ll get to work on it, but the announcement of this year’s Oscar nominations later this week will either push his start date up or back. Tarantino also revealed that Harvey Weinstein originally advocated for a live production of the film, but the director decided that the “mystery aspect” of the story would be better served by film, i.e., his beloved 70mm format.


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