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Quentin Tarantino is talking about making another Kill Bill again

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Quentin Tarantino maintains that he’s only going to make one more “official” movie, saying back in August that it would probably be a little “epilogue-y” and somehow acknowledge its status as his last movie, meaning the Star Trek movie he also keeps talking about wouldn’t necessarily “count” toward his canonical total of 10 films. Now, we either know what that 10th movie is going to be, or he’s going to keep fudging that 10-movie limit so he can keep making as many movies as he wants to make.


As reported by Collider, Tarantino appeared on Andy Cohen’s radio show today and teased that he has some kind of idea for how to do a third Kill Bill movie. We have no idea what that idea might be, but it definitely involves The Bride/Beatrix (Uma Thurman’s character from the first two movies), so it won’t be some kind of total reboot. Also, Tarantino told Cohen that he had dinner with Thurman this week, so she’s presumably on board with whatever he has in mind. Now, Tarantino’s mention of an “epilogue-y” final film combined with his sudden realization of how to do a third Kill Bill do seem to fit together rather elegantly. We’ve already heard that Tarantino’s old idea for a Kill Bill follow-up involved the daughter of Vivica A. Fox’s character going on her own mission for vengeance and trying to kill The Bride, so what better way to cap off Tarantino’s career of stylish violence than by basing his final movie around one of his most stylishly violent characters get killed for the stylish violence she perpetrated in two of his most popular movies?

The catch here is that Tarantino says he has a lot of other stuff to do before really thinking about a third Kill Bill, like the play, novel, and TV show he has mentioned previously (plus that Star Trek movie that he’s definitely going to make). Still, a new Tarantino movie just came out this year, so it’s not like we need another one right away. When he does it make it, though, he better give Jack Black a call.

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