In a scene straight out of a formulaic romantic comedy that he would never in a million years make, Quentin Tarantino announced this weekend at Comic-Con that he just can’t stay mad at The Hateful Eight, and that even though it betrayed him by letting its script be leaked all over the Internet, he’s still going to do his best to make it work.

Tarantino—who you should probably imagine as Zac Efron, or maybe a pre-Magic Mike Matthew McConaughey—has already hinted that it was really, really good to catch up with The Hateful Eight at the public cast-reading of the script that he organized in April. It was a great reminder of how good they were, before the claustrophobic tale of various Western types trapped together in a saloon betrayed him by running around with Gawker and the rest of the Internet.


And so, when a fan asked Tarantino whether he was continuing with production, the celebrated director metaphorically raced to the airport to present The Hateful Eight with a heartfelt declaration of love before it could fly away forever. Which is to say, yeah, he’s definitely going to make the movie. Cue the rising strings as the two reunited parties embrace tenderly in the rain, ready for a happy ending of beautifully stylized Western violence and eclectically perfect soundtrack choices.