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Quentin Tarantino’s list of his top movies of the year always gives an intriguing glimpse into the tastes of a director who comfortably resides left-of-center. His top three films of 2011 were Midnight In Paris, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, and Moneyball, and his favorites from 2010 included Tangled, Enter The Void, and Knight And Day . He took 2012 off because he was working on Django Unchained, but now he’s back with a list of favorite films on the precipice of prestige season. The Quentin Tarantino Archives has the director’s alphabetical list of the year so far, and it’s another unique collection of big-time studio fare and critically adored limited releases. His adoration for Woody Allen is still prominent with the Blue Jasmine pick—same goes for the supremely Allen-esque Frances Ha. Including the technical mastery of Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity is almost a given, James Wan’s The Conjuring is a popular horror choice, and Joe Swanberg’s latest conversational film Drinking Buddies somewhat surprisingly earns a spot. Still, the inclusion of The Lone Ranger and Kick Ass 2 are sure to infuriate a few people.


Quentin Tarantino's top movies of 2013 so far: 
1.  Afternoon Delight (Jill Soloway)
2.  Before Midnight (Richard Linklater)
3.  Blue Jasmine (Woody Allen)
4.  The Conjuring (James Wan)
5.  Drinking Buddies (Joe Swanberg)
6.  Frances Ha (Noah Baumbach)
7.  Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón)
8.  Kick Ass 2 (Jeff Wadlow)
9.  The Lone Ranger (Gore Verbinski)
10.  This Is The End (Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg)

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