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Quentin Tarantino curated a 4-hour playlist of songs from his own movies, just for you

Screenshot: Sony (YouTube)

There’s a lot to love about Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood, the ninth (-ish?) film from Quentin Tarantino: Leonardo DiCaprio’s insecurity-driven meltdowns, Brad Pitt shirtless and somehow even more attractive (and hilarious) than he’s ever been, Margaret Qualley’s weird-ass hippie vibe, the dog. As with previous Tarantino films, it’s hard to discuss his latest without praising the soundtrack, which is made up of late ’60s-era appropriate tracks by Paul Revere And The Raiders, Simon And Garfunkel, and The Rolling Stones. That soundtrack is currently available to purchase (or stream, you do you), but the filmmaker did you one better by curating a very cool playlist for Spotify featuring song selections from his entire filmography.

In typical Tarantino fashion, the playlist is four glorious hours long, which should keep you occupied for at least half of your workday. The playlist includes tracks like Nancy Sinatra’s version of “Bang Bang – My Baby Shot Me Down” from Kill Bill, “You Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry from Pulp Fiction, and the 2002 remaster of “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)“ by David Bowie from Inglourious Basterds. In addition to the obvious picks and hits, you’ll find songs by Harry Nilsson, T. Rex, and The Delfonics, as well as selections from various scores, including tracks by Ennio Morricone (duh)—all preceded by an intro from Tarantino himself:


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