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Quentin Tarantino’s spaghetti Western has moved swiftly from Internet rumor to confirmed reality, with Deadline reporting that Tarantino has said that he expects to turn in a completed script within the next couple of months. Compared to more recent projects, Tarantino said this one “just flowed out of him”—which seems likely, considering he’s been talking up doing a Western for some time now. As Playlist points out, as far back as 2007 he was discussing the possibility of doing a Western story set in “slavery times”—something Tarantino more properly termed “a Southern”—which would deal with that dark chapter in American history by way of making it into an adventure, much as Inglourious Basterds turned the Holocaust into a fun little Nazi-smacking romp. Anyway, there’s obviously no confirmation yet that Tarantino intends on keeping that direction for this film, but given how quickly we’re learning about this project, we expect to hear more details soon enough.


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