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Back in February, we reported that both Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt were set to star in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, the next movie from Quentin Tarantino. Now, Deadline is reporting that the cast is filling out with some other big names, specifically Burt Reynolds, Tim Roth, Kurt Russell, and Michael Madsen. Those last three are Tarantino regulars, so having them on board is mostly a formality at this point, and the Deadline story says they’ll have “smaller roles” in the movie.

As for Reynolds, he’ll be playing elderly Los Angeles rancher George Spahn, a man who would regularly rent out his land to movie studios filming Westerns. In the ‘60s, he opened up his property to Charles Manson, who convinced Spahn to let him and his followers live there shortly before they began their murder spree. The whole movie will reportedly be Manson-adjacent, with DiCaprio playing washed-up cowboy actor (and Sharon Tate’s neighbor) Rick Dalton. Margot Robbie is reportedly in talks to play Tate.


Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is set to be released on August 9, 2019.

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