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Queer Eye's Antoni opens up in the drag makeover chair with Miz Cracker

The Them YouTube channel is kicking off Pride Month with an impressive makeover: Antoni Porowski, food expert on the popular Netflix series Queer Eye. Porowski, who says he hasn’t dressed up like a girl since 5th-grade Halloween (except for his Britney Spears take on Lip Sync Battle), is ready to go “full drag.” Miz Cracker, from season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, is definitely up for the challenge.

For all her considerable makeover skills, Miz Cracker also turns out to be one heck of an interviewer, getting Antoni to open up in the makeup chair about everything from his first language (Polish, which he still speaks with certain family members) to his social anxiety to his past relationships with women, including one that lasted for six years. Porowski describes his sexuality thusly: “the word I’m most comfortable with is, I guess, fluid,” although on Queer Eye, “it was just assumed I was gay, even though that was never discussed during the chemistry testing and the whole audition process,” until he began sharing about his relationships with women in certain QE episodes. Antoni stresses, “call yourself whatever the hell you want… it’s not something that should be judged or questioned, it should just be embraced”—a perfect message for Pride Month.

Honestly, the makeover almost takes a back seat to the insightful and revealing conversation, especially since Antoni turns out looking like a Miz Cracker clone anyway. But the dress is fabulous, and Porowski’s drag name will not be a surprise to anyone who has ever seen Queer Eye and knows what his favorite food is. Happy Pride, everybody.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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