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Queer Eye's Antoni has been swept into the weird vortex of Pete Davidson's love life

Look, we don’t care who Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson is dating, but the dude’s rollercoaster of a love life won’t stop intersecting with stuff we do care about. First, there was his whirlwind romance with Ariana Grande, the end of which gave way to the singer’s chart-topping, near-ubiquitous “thank u, next” single. And now there’s these pictures of the comedian and his new girlfriend, actress Kate Beckinsale, making out like sloppy-ass teens at last night’s New York Rangers game.

On its own, this wouldn’t be news, but, good god, this batch of photos contains multitudes, resulting not just in a hilarious round of celeb-spotting, but also a shockingly fruitful new meme template. And it all centers around the guy right next to them, who you might recognize from Netflix’s Queer Eye. Yep, that’s Antoni Porowski, who’s giving off some serious third-wheel energy.


It didn’t take long for the photos to be consumed by Twitter and Instagram’s ravenous vortex, where memes came together faster than a bowl of Antoni’s no-fuss guacamole.


It got weirder, though, especially when the online masses began noticing this guy.


And also these two. Yes, that is Oscar winner Rami Malek and Hellboy David Harbour, who are apparently friends?


Christian Slater was there, too, and now all we’re thinking of is the “save me” texts Antoni was probably sending them.

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