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Screenshot: Queer Eye Gives Guillermo A Makeover (YouTube)

If you, like us, have already binged every episode of the new season of Netflix’s Queer Eye and find yourself wanting more heartwarming, entertaining stories of reinvention, look no further than this recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. While four of the Fab Five were visiting the late-night show to promote their new season, Kimmel asked them to work some of their makeover magic on the show’s parking lot security guard-turned-sidekick Guillermo.

After being convinced to lose the Ed Hardy t-shirt, Guillermo gets some product in his hair, some health-conscious tips to bring to the craft services table, and, yes, a French tuck. While the boys are clearly hamming it up a bit and doing a stripped-down version of what they can actually offer, the results are still heart-swelling. It’s especially nice to see the show’s occasional punching bag get a little pep in his step.


[via Mashable]

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