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Queer Eye goes back to high school in this trailer for season 4

You would think that hinging a TV show’s entire appeal on its ability to make you cry would have diminishing returns, but if This is Us can keep doing that, so can Netflix’s Queer Eye. This trailer for the upcoming fourth season isn’t entirely tearjerker moments, but it does emphasize those moments in such a way that makes them seem like the highlights of the season—and hell, they probably will be. People like to feel emotions.

Anyway, crying aside, this trailer also has Jonathan Van Ness going back to his high school to do a Queer Eye on his old band teacher, and the gang meets a man who is under the impression that he’s never had a conversation with a gay person, which might as well be a conscious choice in 2019. There’s also a dramatic pancake flip, but the backstory of which is probably immensely satisfying and emotional.


Queer Eye returns to Netflix on July 19.

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