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Queen produces Jock Jams-style "We Will Rock You" for CBS football, ruins everything

Queen has somehow managed to make “We Will Rock You” even more ridiculous, teaming with composer VonLichten to make the stomp-stomp-clap anthem into an overblown remix that can now be heard regularly during football games on CBS. The “We Will Rock You VonLichten” mash-up was made possible after the network approached VonLichten—who’s also composed themes for the US Open, The Masters, The PGA Championship, and Cold Case—and asked him to make the song even more epic. VonLichten complied, roping in Brian May to re-record his guitar parts in tandem with a full orchestral score, putting  the song that much more over the top.

The song is now available for purchase on iTunes. Also available: The original version, which is better.

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