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Queen Latifah—whose past cinematic travels have included Last Holiday and last year’s exuberant Girls Trip—is getting ready to hit the road in real life. Specifically, Latifah has created a new travel series, titled Friends In Strange Places, that’ll give a female-focused spin on the traditionally male-dominated field of the TV travelogue.

Produced in association with Electus (whose other shows include the various series built around apparently unkillable survival dude Bear Grylls), the show is being promoted as “television’s first docu-style travelogue about and starring women.” Each episode will focus on a pair of female friends drawn from the ranks of various female comics and “their famous friends.” There’s no word yet on who, in particular, will be signing up to globetrot for the viewer’s benefit, but Latifah did issue a statement today discussing the show’s ethos, and the space it’s trying to carve out in the “Let’s watch famous people travel” space:

There are so many funny, brilliant women in this industry, and—with plenty of successful male-driven travel series out there—a comedic docu-series about sisterhood and adventure is just the type of uncharted territory we want to plant our flag in. I’m so excited to develop a show that not only elevates and highlights female comedians, but also brings them together for an amazing time that will also be a trip for viewers.”


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