(Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images)

Queen has been showered with any number of accolades over the decades: Grammys, Brit Awards, and recognition in just about every rock hall of fame under the sun. But now, the ”Bohemian Rhapsody” band has finally achieved the ultimate brass ring of mainstream musical success: Getting a themed version of Monopoly to its name.

As detailed in an exhaustive unboxing video from Brian May—in which he affably lays out every single component in the box, in what is, frankly, one of the stranger things we’ve watched a rock legend do in recent years—the game forgoes regular properties in favor of famous Queen gigs, culminating in Wembley Stadium as the Boardwalk stand-in. Meanwhile, players collect “A Kind Of Magic” instead of Chance cards, and bounce around the board with their own little “Radio Ga-Ga” figurine. You can pre-order the game on the band’s web site, although, again, we’re mostly here for that unboxing video, in which May—whose quiet cheerfulness is pleasantly infectious—not only compliments the game’s choice of dice, but also happily notes the GoPro camera attached to his chest, the better to capture every weirdly watchable moment of the process’ 18-minute run.


[via Stereogum]