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Queen and Adam Lambert will rock you at the Oscars

Photo: Raphael Dias (Getty Images)

While the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody’s presence throughout this year’s awards season continues to ring problematic, fans might be pleased to hear that the legendary band is set to play the Academy Awards this Sunday.

Adam Lambert will step in as the front man alongside Queen’s original drummer and guitarist, Roger Taylor and Brian May. There’s no word yet on what they will play, though a rousing rendition of the film’s title track might be a safe, if not a little too on the nose, favorite.


Lambert has a fairly lengthy history with Queen that stems from 2009, when they first came together to perform on the American Idol season finale. On top of a quiet cameo in the biopic, he will also be joining them for yet another North American tour this summer. It’s a formula that appears to work for them, as most of their shows manage to sell out.

Bohemian Rhapsody has been shrouded in controversy since its production days. A sizable portion of the pushback stems from its connection with former director Bryan Singer, who was fired mid-production for routinely skipping work and has accrued many accusations of sexual assault over the years. The cast has been careful to distance their success from Singer, which he kind of torpedoed with a now deleted Instagram post thanking the Hollywood Foreign Press for the film’s win for Best Drama Motion Picture. We’re not sure that even Lambert can wail into the mic loud enough to drown out the concern surrounding Hollywood’s lingering hesitance to saddle Singer with any real consequences, but we’ll see.

[Via Deadline]

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