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Quavo is making a children's cartoon inspired by Atlanta's hip-hop scene

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Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images)

As reported by Complex, rapper Quavo is teaming up with Brian Grazer and Imagine Entertainment for an animated series inspired by Atlanta hip-hop, with a statement saying that the show will be a “transformative franchise” in terms of animated programming. We don’t really know any specifics, but the show will be aimed at kids who are between eight and 12 years old, and Quavo says that he has always loved animation and that he always wanted his “first jump into this premium content world” to be something “just for kids” that reflects the “NAWF side of Atlanta” where he grew up.

Migos’ record label Quality Control Music will also be involved, with label founders Pierre Thomas and Kevin Lee acting as producers. In a statement of his own, Lee—who goes by Coach K—says that “all kids will be seeing themselves” in the show. “When I was growing up there was very little media that had brown and black-skinned kids feeling heard or seen,” and so this show will have “inclusive stories that address all kinds of situations that kids of ALL ethnic and financial backgrounds experience.” Complex also expects there to be new original music, which definitely seems like a given.

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