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Quarantine's got Flula Borg so bored he's just doing people's math homework for them

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Flula Borg has made a name for himself as a comedian, actor, and DJ, but apparently, if all of those career paths up and disappear one day, he’s more than capable of changing course to become a full-time math teacher. Bored in quarantine, Borg has been showing off his number skills in a new video series where, he says in the first episode, “instead of making techno beats, I shall help perhaps with some homework.”


The videos, at least so far, are exactly what you’d expect from a comedian who’s good at math walking viewers through various problems.

In the first episode of “Quarantiners, I Do Your Homewerk,” Borg turns his attention to “cubes and volumes” in order to help out someone named Stacy. He reads out the question, makes “a daddy joke” about Ice Cube, then demonstrates how Stacy should do her math homework. Aside from little embellishments, like him calling areas on his diagram “this boy” or “this baby boy” and throwing in whatever jokes cross his mind, Borg mostly just makes it clear that he’s really good at showing people how to do math. The second episode follows suit, with Borg sitting down with pen and paper to show a fan called Jena how to complete math problems concerning the area of circles and cones.

It turns out the quarantine is exposing all kinds of facts about the public figures who dominate our culture. In some cases, we would’ve been happy not to know how the world’s best known musicians and actors respond to crisis. In others, as in the case of Borg filming himself creating comedy math tutorials, their contributions are more than welcome.


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