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Cynthia Erivo and a fellow actor, hold on, gotta get a look at his nametag
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Yesterday, the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences hosted its annual Oscar nominees luncheon at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. It is both a very large and a very small group: small, because of all the people making movies, it’s a tiny percentage; large, because just look at them all!

So you can understand why an up-and-coming actor would choose to wear a name tag, even if it doesn’t really look that good with his suit. Important people are there. Producers. Directors. Writers. Movie stars. You want to make sure people remember your name. So this was a very wise move on your part, Brad [squints] Pert, is it?


In Mr. Pert’s defense, he’s got one of those faces. Look, Rian Johnson even somehow misidentified himself and circled Pert’s face instead.

In all seriousness, we care not whether this is part of Brad Pitt’s Oscar campaign, in which the road to a statuette is paved with self-deprecation, or an honest moment of an A-list movie star kind of forgetting that he doesn’t need to wear a name tag anymore. It is charming as hell, plain and simple. And it led to these other, equally charming anecdotes:


Okay, that last one’s maybe not so charming. But still. Well played, Brad Pert. Well played. Put that header image in the Louvre.

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