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Put that coffee and sexism down: Jason Reitman is staging an all-female Glengarry Glen Ross

Jason Reitman has once again successfully gotten us to write about another one of his impossible-to-get-into L.A. live readings by staging an all-female version of Glengarry Glen Ross on February 21—one that will argue it does not take brass balls to pretend to sell real estate, apparently. You think Jason Reitman is fucking with you? Jason Reitman is not fucking with you. He’s taken David Mamet’s classic script about what it means to “play the man’s game” and gender-flipped it, adding a little commentary on social stereotypes to this month’s sales contest. Oh. Has he got your attention now? Good. The ladies who call yourselves salesmen, you, er, daughters of bitches: Robin Wright as Ricky Roma/Al Pacino, Catherine O’Hara as Shelley Levene/Jack Lemmon, Maria Bello as Dave Moss/Ed Harris, Allison Janney as George Arranow/Alan Arkin, and Mae Whitman as John Williamson/Kevin Spacey. (The most exciting character, Alec Baldwin’s Blake, has yet to be cast.) Naturally, the event is already sold out, and your name is "you’re wanting."


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