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Pusha T's feud with Drake is over, but he's still happy to talk about it

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As reported by Pitchfork, Pusha T recently appeared on The Joe Budden Podcast and offered some new information about how he found out that Drake had a secret son—which became an important factor in the brutal feud that Pusha T waged against Drake over the summer. The common assumption was that Pusha heard about Drake’s son from Kanye West, but now he has revealed that it was actually Drake’s longtime produce Noah “40" Shebib who blabbed about it. According to Pusha, 40 is sleeping with a woman who he talks to for “five, six hours a day” about all of the things that annoy him, which apparently includes Drake, and that led to this woman telling Pusha that his nemesis had fathered a child nobody knew about. Throw in a photo of Drake in blackface, and Pusha had the ammunition he needed for “The Story Of Adidon,” the brutal diss track that won him the feud in a single move. Pusha also addressed the line in “Adidon” about 40 having multiple sclerosis, which Drake interpreted as Pusha having “wished death” on 40, but he says he was just “acknowledging an ailment”—which somehow actually makes it seem meaner than it did before.


You know, there’s not much else going on in the news, so why don’t we just restart this feud? It’ll give us something to talk about until the midterm elections, at least. Maybe he could do something with the fact that Drake recently said he has the “utmost respect” for Chris Brown?

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