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Pusha T confirms that his Drake feud is over

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Donald Trump may be throwing some kind of whiny tantrum over Justin Trudeau, but we can at least count on the American hip-hop community to make sure its beefs with Canadians have a bit more intellectual merit—at least if the vicious feud between Pusha T and Drake is anything to go by. Unfortunately (or maybe not, if you’re Drake), the rap feud of the summer has already come to an end, with Pusha telling Vanity Fair that “it’s all over with.” This comes after Kanye West tried to unilaterally declare that the feud was “dead now” and after influential hip-hop mogul J Prince told Drake to stop playing into Pusha’s hand, so it seems like those cooler heads have prevailed.


Pusha’s claim that the feud is over came in response to a Vanity Fair question about him teasing that he was going to have a “surgical summer” with Drake, carefully and precisely cutting him open with more tracks liked “The Story Of Adidon,” but that’s evidently not going to happen anymore. He says he’s ready to go “back to the music for real” now, because “that’s the most important thing.” Still, Vanity Fair was curious about a couple things, including how Pusha was able to find that now-famous photo of Drake in blackface.

He didn’t give a straight answer, though, simply saying, “People love me and people are disloyal as fuck.” The implication there is that somebody in Drake’s camp gave him the dirt he needed, but doing so didn’t endear them to Pusha at all.

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