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Purple Rain is getting a deluxe reissue

(Photo: Getty Images/Redferns, Richard E. Aaron)

It’s been a little more than a year since Prince died, and in a move that does not come across as shamelessly greedy at all, Warner Bros. Records and NPG Records have announced a couple deluxe editions of Prince’s Purple Rain. Oh sure, everybody who didn’t already own Purple Rain probably bought it after he died, but the labels have to keep all of those record stores stocked with something to keep the people coming in, so they might as well keep re-releasing that album everyone already has.

Anyway, Prince fans can now preorder both Purple Rain Deluxe and Purple Rain Deluxe: Expanded Edition, with both collections including the 2015 remastered version of the original album and a second disc called From The Vault & Previously Unreleased that includes some alternate takes of Purple Rain tracks and—hence the name—previously unreleased songs. Expanded Edition also a third disc of radio edits and B-sides, as well as a DVD of a concert film of Prince and The Revolution at the Carrier Dome in New York on March 30, 1985.


The albums come out on June 23, but you can preorder them now at this link.

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