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(Image: Punktendo)

What could possibly make Metroid’s Samus, dispatcher of alien bug things, even more badass? Subbing in Against Me!’s frontwoman, Laura Jane Grace, in place of the intergalactic bounty hunter. As made by Punktendo—purveyors of such other mashup emulations as Dan Zig, Fat Mike’s Golf, and Ben Weasel’s Punch-Out!!—players get to have the punk rocker blast her way through wave after wave of metroids to thwart the evil plans of space pirates. In essence, it’s all of the fun and frustration of the original Nintendo game but with an even more kickass hero leading the charge.

The game is the brainchild of Punktendo’s mastermind Jeff Hong, an animation storyboard artist based in New York. The game is a faithful recreation of the NES original title but with a subtle difference that makes it a bit more fun to pretend that the outspoken and gifted singer-songwriter is blasting her way through various crab/bug/alien thingies. The endeavor is perfect for anyone interested in feeling nostalgic while blasting “Searching For A Former Clarity.”


For those who are curious, yes, Laura Jane Grace is aware of the game:

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