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Punk’s not dead—at least not to this 10-year-old girl

Punk was pretty much dead by the time anyone outside of the underground knew about it, and certainly before they started making after-school specials about it. But it hasn’t lost its power to inspire.

Taylor-Ruth, a 20-year-old Indianapolis resident who posted the following image on her Tumblr, says she wrote the real-life diary entry after checking out some Dead Kennedys CDs from the library when she was in the fifth grade. She’s probably not the audience Jello Biafra had in mind when he wrote “Too Drunk To Fuck,” but her thoughts on The Man are more punk than anything Good Charlotte ever did. She’s also an illustrator and comics artist, so if you like this, you should hire her to do a portrait of Darby Crash or something.


[via Badass Digest]

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