Punisher: War Zone

A few seasons ago, Arrow’s Oliver Queen decided that he couldn’t be the killer he once was. To honor his friend’s memory, he had be someone else. He had to be…something else. Now, though, it sounds like a little bit of that grim violence might be heading back to The CW—at least if the career of one of next season’s directors is anything to go by. As reported by Bleeding Cool, director Lexi Alexander was recently asked by a fan on twitter if she would be working on any Marvel projects, and she responded that she hasn’t been asked, but she will be directing an episode of Arrow this season.

They have not. But I’m excited to direct Arrow in August. ;-) https://t.co/hoMNh6N8B2

— Lexi Alexander (@Lexialex) June 4, 2015

Alexander directed the soccer drama Green Street Hooligans (and is a former karate champion), but for the purposes of this article, she’s best known for directing Punisher: War Zone. That film is most likely remembered as being the troubled Punisher sequel/reboot that Thomas Jane didn’t want to do, and also for the fact that it’s crazy violent. Arrow doesn’t usually get crazy violent, but maybe a Punisher-esque dude will show up and start murdering people. That could be fun.


It’s also worth noting that Punisher: War Zone featured Colin Salmon, who later went on to play Walter Steele on Arrow. So this would be a good time for him to show up, say something British, and get kidnapped again.

Anyway, here’s all of Punisher: War Zone, because apparently nobody cares enough about that movie to take it off of YouTube: