If you've never gotten the chance to see what Marcellus Wallace looks like on the big screen, here is your chance to confirm that he does not, in fact, look like a 20-foot-tall bitch: Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction will get a limited theatrical re-release on December 6 as part of a "Tarantino XX" event celebrating his 20-year career—an event that fortuitously coincides with the release of Django Unchained later that month, and which will be paired with a special feature looking back at his films, as well as a selection of Tarantino-picked trailers for the movies that inspired him. Tarantino's debut, Reservoir Dogs, will get its own one-night-only screening on Dec. 4 to celebrate its 20th anniversary, in case the recent news of a Smells Like Teen Spirit sitcom had not already confirmed your increasing decrepitude. (Consider this: You are now as nostalgically removed from Reservoir Dogs as its characters are from K-BILLY's Super Sounds Of The '70s.) Go here for a list of participating cities and to purchase tickets.