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Puddle Of Mudd singer arrested for riding an airport baggage carousel

Sometimes being in Puddle Of Mudd can be a drag. Sure, your band has sold more than 7 million albums and released a string of chart-topping mainstream rock singles, but whatever happened to the simple pleasures in life? Pleasures like a cool glass of lemonade, watching the sun set, or illegally riding a baggage carousel? Puddle Of Mudd frontman Wesley Scantlin won’t be denied that last simple pleasure, apparently, as Stereogum reports that he was arrested for allegedly riding an airport baggage carousel into a restricted area.

Puddle Of Mudd was scheduled to play an evening concert in Denver at Casselman’s Bar And Venue. But the Denver International Airport proved to be too much of a trigger for Scantlin’s carefree whimsy, as shortly after the band arrived, Scantlin was seen disappearing behind the baggage carousel. Soon thereafter, he came strolling out of a secure area—through a door with an alarm. Unsympathetic to the pleas of a freewheeling man who just wanted to once more feel the childlike joy too often absent from life, police arrested Scantlin, who was bailed out by a local fan because apparently his bandmates were too busy being grumbly buzzkills. The delay caused the band to be hours late for its performance, leading local promoter Rock Panther Presents to make the following statement:

“Puddle Of Mudd finally on stage I apologize to all of those who left early I hope you enjoyed Lola Black, Horse and Drug Under. Those of you that stayed I hope you love Puddle Of Mudd cause we will NEVER book them again.”


Stay gold, Scantlin. Don’t let the stern voice of authority keep you from living a joyful life. It doesn’t seem like you’re in much danger of that, however, given your previous arrests for the joyful acts of not paying your taxes, domestic violence, and assaulting fans. That kind of childlike wonder can’t be faked.

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