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Humanity continues to prove itself an endless font of shittiness and dubious behavior, particularly on the internet. Accordingly, there’s a surprising amount of solace to be found in the fact that a group of dedicated folks continue to curate a series of goofball fake G.I. Joe public service announcements with the same scholarly and monastic dedication as went into preserving the Book Of Kells.


Filmmaker Eric Fensler first made his series of G.I. Joe PSAs in 2003 by cutting up footage from the safety lessons that played after each episode and replacing the dialog. While they remain as venerable as any internet culture, they are also small and grainy and hard to look at with eyes that have grown accustomed to modern video resolution.

In 2012, musician Jose The Bronx Rican undertook the masochistic task of aligning Fensler’s original audio with hand-edited clips from the show’s uncompressed DVD release. But even that intense amount of effort only yielded standard definition video, so YouTube person L33T GUY upscaled the videos to 1080p and bundled them together into one video.

Go ahead and take your mind off of our eroding civilization for a brief while. Sit back, hit the full screen button in the corner and enjoy Roadblock offering up free body massages in stunning high definition.

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