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Psych creator Steve Franks will be the showrunner for CBS’ Rush Hour

(Image via Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

After spending eight seasons on a show with two guys who have mildly different personalities having fun and solving crimes, Psych creator Steve Franks is going for something totally different by taking on CBS’ adaptation of the Rush Hour movies. This time, he’ll be working on a show about two guys with wildly different personalities having fun and solving crimes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Franks will be Rush Hour’s showrunner and an executive producer, alongside fellow executive producer—and pilot co-writer—Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Cougar Town). Oddly, though, THR says that Rush Hour will be a drama, which means that’s either a harmless typo or the series will go in a surprisingly different direction than the movies. Sure, Jon Foo and Justin Hires will be starring as a pair of police officers who probably have to solve serious crimes, but the movies were mostly about the two characters getting into wacky action scenarios and yelling about their inability to understand each other. We’re pretty sure the show won’t really be a drama, though, so none of this matters.


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