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South Korean entertainment company YG Entertainment has been embroiled in an ongoing scandal allegedly involving tax evasion, bribery, and per the language of the current investigation “procuring prostitution services.” The investigation is so far-reaching that globally known K-pop star Psy has been summoned by local authorities for questioning regarding a July 2014 dinner.


Per The Hollywood Reporter, the “Gangnam Style” performer and former YG artist attended a party where sex workers were allegedly hired by YG founder Yang Hyun-suk to entertain foreign investors. Psy denies knowing of any potentially illegal activities taking place at the event and recalls leaving with Yang shortly after dinner. Local authorities are continuing to investigate the matter, though they state that they have not found substantial evidence as of this moment.

After leaving YG Entertainment in 2018 Psy launched his own entertainment company, P Nation. Meanwhile, a number of now former YG artists have been involved in additional scandals, including former Big Bang member Suengri for the Burning Sun sex scandal and ex-iKon member B.I., who was accused of previously attempting to procure drugs.

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