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PSA: The X-rated version of RoboCop is now streaming on Amazon Prime

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As noticed by a Reddit user, the version of Paul Verhoeven’s RoboCop that’s currently available on Amazon Prime is actually the original cut that received an X-rating from the MPAA back in 1987, not the R-rated version that was released in theaters. Up until now, this version of the film has only been available on various home version of the movie, most recently the Blu-ray HD remaster from 2014, so—as /Film notes—this seems to be the first time Verheoeven’s X-rated cut has been streamable.


So what’s the difference? Well, despite the connotations of an X-rating, there unfortunately aren’t any hardcore RoboCop sex scenes (as always, no judgement from us if that’s what you were hoping for). The big change is that the movie is significantly more violent, which is saying something since it’s a pretty violent film as it is, but the X-rated version has more gushing/squirting blood and a more graphic death scene for Peter Weller’s pre-RoboCop version of Alex Murphy.

It’s also worth noting that the Amazon Prime page for RoboCop doesn’t say it’s the X-rated version, so there’s a good chance this is a mistake and that it will be replaced with the R-rated version at some point. Just in case, you should stop what you’re doing and go watch RoboCop.

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