Good afternoon, A.V. Club readers! It’s John Teti, your friend and also the editor of this here website that you are reading. I’ll keep this brief. We’ve been looking to improve our commenting experience for some time, and we think we may have found a discussion platform that suits our needs, desires, and most glorious aspirations. But naturally, we need to see what you all think of it before we decide to make any changes—you’re the ones who will be using it the most, after all. So tomorrow (Thursday) at 2:30 p.m. Central time, I’ll publish a special Newswire post with a comment section that will employ the new platform we’re considering—it’s called Spot.IM—instead of the usual Disqus. The post will be a single-article sandbox, in essence. (Unlike a real sandbox, however, it will not absorb urine—DO NOT URINATE ON TOMORROW’S NEWSWIRE POST.) I’ll be on hand to field your reactions to the Spot.IM offering and answer any questions as best I can. Hope to see you then!