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After mining the public’s insatiable thirst for magic shows and Jesse Eisenberg acting smug for a $230 million global haul, Lionsgate is automatically required to create a sequel to Now You See Me, lest it be condemned to history’s bin of loser movies that only had one. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer bragged to analysts this morning of the film’s surprise, sleeper success over the summer’s pricier sequels and tentpoles based on established franchises—a triumph of originality that, naturally, inspired his company to immediately begin planning a sequel to extend the franchise. As of now there’s no indication who from the cast or crew will return, or whether it will have a hilarious title like Now You See Me Too: A Little Later Than Before, or Did You See Me Do Magic-Related Burglary That One Time? What About Now?, or I’ve Been Thinking We Should Stop Seeing Each Other: I Just Feel Like I Need Some Space To Concentrate On My Magic-Related Burglary Career.


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