This is actually in San Francisco, but you get the point (Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

The Trump administration is still in its nascency, but that flurry of objectionable executive orders has already sparked protests across the country. After more than a week of demonstrations—and with 4-8 years more of them ahead—dissidents are finding creative new ways to voice their opposition. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shia Labeouf’s live stream of dissent on the East Coast is being matched by a yellow one in southern California. Protestors have taken the fight to Trump National Golf Club in Palos Verdes, where they’re defacing the sign with lipstick graffiti and urinating in the bushes.

It doesn’t appear to be a concentrated effort; THR spoke with several protestors, including one young man who admitted he’d been “hoping for more up here. I thought there’d be a protest or something.” But even though the detractors haven’t yet gathered en masse, they all shared concerns about Trump’s anti-Muslim travel edict, among other things: “When you discriminate against a whole race or religion, it’s as pure as bigotry can get,” one man told THR. Local police were on the scene in between defacement incidents, though one officer declined to remove the “puto” that was scrawled in bright pink lipstick over Trump’s name on the sign.