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Illustration for article titled Protect ya neck: Wu-Tang Clan in talks to bring a theme park to Seoul
Photo: Steven Ferdman (Getty Images)

The enterprising spirit of the Wu-Tang Clan truly ain’t nuthin’ ta fuck with.

Per Okayplayer, the vice president of Wu-Tang Management, Jimmy Kang, is currently engaging in negotiations to build a theme park inspired by the hip-hop legends in Seoul, South Korea. The revelation appears in an interview Kang completed with MassLive where he detailed his ascent to one of the most powerful positions in the industry. It included a photo of the preliminary plans on Kang’s laptop. There are no further details at this time, but this news is certainly enough of a launch pad to blast into full-blown speculation as to what this park could look like, should it actually come into fruition. Have you seen the video for “Gravel Pit?” The possibilities are boundless.


While their extensive catalog should be more than enough to cement their well-deserved immortality in pop culture, Wu-Tang Clan’s legacy has been further preserved through documentaries, Hulu shows, clothing, and video games. The children of U-God, Ghostface Killah, Method Man, and Old Dirty Bastard have even banded together to form 2nd Generation Wu, a next generation rap group dedication to extending Wu-Tang’s legacy. And let us not forget that for a brief moment—in another life—they were the sharpest minds of the financial world. The evidence of such an existence can be found below.

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