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Props from the first two seasons of Hannibal to be auctioned off online

Illustration for article titled Props from the first two seasons of iHannibal /ito be auctioned off online

With Hannibal season three shifting gears as Dr. Lecter goes on the lam in Europe, NBC doesn’t need to hold onto all of those old bloodied suits, knives, and other weird stuff it’s got in storage. So instead of leaving it there to creep out the prop master, Gaumont International Television and Universal Partnerships & Licensing are partnering with Prop Store to host an online auction. From June 18 to 25, Prop Store will auction off over 130 prop and costume lots, with the proceeds going to PetSmart Charities. Items on the auction block from the first two seasons include:

  • Hannibal Lecter’s (Mads Mikkelsen) “Mizumono” Formal Wear
  • Lecter’s “Tome-wan” Three Piece Suit
  • Lecter’s “Tome-wan” Straitjacket
  • Will Graham’s (Hugh Dancy) Prison Jumpsuit
  • Abigail Hobbs’ (Kacey Rohl) “Aperitif” Casual Wear
  • Jack Crawford’s Bloodied “Mizumono” Formal Wear
  • Lecter’s “Mizumono” Kitchen Knife
  • Lecter’s) China Place Setting
  • Lecter’s “Wound Man” Sketch
  • FBI Evidence Can Containing Dr. Sutcliffe’s Tainted Fishing Lure

You can register at Prop Store for the auction. Who knows, if you’ve got the cash and the build of Mads Mikkelsen, you might end up with a beautifully tailored suit and win the office Halloween costume contest. If you do happen to win, please remember that these are just props, and just because you can afford to dress like Dr. Hannibal Lecter, it does not mean you should go around murdering people, cooking them in elaborate recipes, and feeding them to the FBI agents who are investigating you. They’re just trying to do their jobs.


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