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Property Brothers open up the family room, love to entertain in a new music video

(Photo: Getty Images)

Earlier this year, The Property Brothers released “Hold On,” their first country single. It was a relative hit, the sonic equivalent to a poorly wielded sledgehammer weakly smashing through a cabinet on demo day. Now, Drew and Jonathan Scott have released a whole new track, “Let The Night Shine In,” and it’s—well, it’s not good.

Though the brothers are talented at real estate and construction, they are not, shall we say, great at singing. “Let The Night Shine In” features the Scotts essentially harmonically drawling in tandem, à la fellow Canadians The Barenaked Ladies. The track’s subject—getting crazy, having fun, and somehow letting “the night shine in”—is relatively bland, and though the video does feature tons of people who were probably cast for their “fun” looks having beers, getting down, and sloppily making out in artfully lit elevators, the result is anything but merry. Instead, it’s hokey in a snort-inducing way, with the Scott Brothers even spontaneously pulling out guitars at one point to entertain their sweet and zanily-choreographed house party. And then the lights go out! Oh no! Someone should have called an electrician and checked on the house’s wiring before scheduling such an important event! That’s why you need a home inspection, guys.


All this being said, if you’re a Property Brothers fan, the video is still a must watch. Good luck getting the song out of your head, though.

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