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Prop comedy malfunctions, becomes funny

Screenshot: YouTube

In general, prop comedy is frowned upon, shirking the more cerebral and sublime pleasures of good writing and comic delivery in favor of, you know, a sledgehammer on a watermelon or whatever. Plenty of comedians have been able to reclaim or subvert the use of props, but in general, it does not bode super well when a comedian walks onstage with a bag full of tricks. You are on a one-way trip to zaniness at that point.

This video of comedian Joel Dommett inviting someone in the audience to fire off a confetti cannon at his leisure begins distressingly. But the man was not to be trusted. This is not how the prop was intended. Please just watch it.

The video’s from the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala, but it’s been making the rounds lately thanks to the magic of Reddit. Dommett’s got some solid jokes here, but the guy in the audience is on some truly next-level shit. Dommett realizes he’s been upstaged and goes along with the joke well.


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