As the shadows begin to lengthen on summer's final month, it's becoming time for wistful reflection on the all the fun we've had, and how that fun can be stretched into franchises that attempt to recreate that fun and its profits. The Hollywood Reporter has a rundown of all of this year's movies that are likely to soon have or which already have sequel plans in the works, and along with some we've previously heard about and/or assumed (more Magic Mike, Men In Black, Snow White And The Huntsman, 21 Jump Street, Spider-Man, and Marvel movies; no second chances for Battleship, John Carter, or Taylor Kitsch), there were also some that hadn't yet been confirmed. Also, some that we would never have even assumed were being considered, because we are as a guileless child, so adorably innocent.

For instance, Universal is reportedly in the early stages of considering sequels to both Ted and American Reunion, planning to test the limits of the public's desire to watch teddy bears and Jason Biggs jack off. And speaking of unsatisfying things, Fox is moving ahead with a 2014 or 2015 sequel to Prometheus despite its polarized reception and less-than-spectacular $303 million worldwide haul, with Scott, Noomi Rapace, and Michael Fassbender all expected to return. Probably not returning, however, is screenwriter Damon Lindelof, as he's expected to be too busy with other projects. (Perhaps he'll be finding ways to tease out the American Pie mythology, and finally address some of its lingering spiritual mysteries.) Instead the studio is already looking for other writers—news that is either disappointing or reassuring, depending on where you came down on the Prometheus debate. Now you can have that debate for another couple of years!