Apparently pleased with his script for the new Blade Runner movie, Ridley Scott has also hired Michael Green to work on the sequel to Prometheus, believing that Green may as well take on all the cathartic, preemptive scorn of the Internet in one fell swoop. The screenwriter—whose resilience was already forged in the fiery reaction to Green Lantern, and who created NBC’s much-abused Kings, so nothing can ever hurt him again—will replace Damon Lindelof in attempting to add on to the Alien mythology, in a March 2016 follow-up that The Wrap says will be more “alien-y” in tone, and hopefully more Alien-y in universally enjoyed moviegoing. Green’s experience with writing for Replicants will also come in handy, seeing as Promethei [note: not actual title] is said to feature multiple Michael Fassbenders, with each of his “David” androids hopefully assuming a different era of Peter O’Toole to emulate. Watch out for the My Favorite Year David; he seems fun, but he’s only going to get everyone hurt.