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Project X sequel already being doodled

Illustration for article titled emProject X/em sequel already being doodled

Encouraged by the original’s $21 million opening and the fact that it paid barely any of that to the people involved, Warner Bros. is developing a sequel to its Todd Phillips-produced, found-footage house party comedy Project X, barely a week after its debut. Returning screenwriter Michael Bacall has already begun working on the treatment, a process no doubt alleviated somewhat by the lack of a plot and defined characters that would require further, burdensome development. It’s also unclear as to whether the original actors will be back—perhaps this time in search of more mature, “collegiate pussy”—or if it will focus on a new group of amateur ciphers who are happy being paid primarily in commemorative hats and Snyder’s pretzels from the craft services table. Expect those decisions to be made quickly, just as soon as Bacall finishes drawing dwarfs sliding down a chimney and then punching someone in the nuts while they’re taking a bong hit.


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