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At a certain phase in a long-running reality competition show’s lifespan, the thing that drew people to the show in the first place—loud people making pretty and/or delicious things, generally—starts to lose its luster. So, in desperation, you start leaning on the big personalities that are instinctively drawn to such an endeavor, until, well, this happens:

And that superhero thing was only cycle 13! Currently in its 15th season, Project Runway is well on its way to reaching such depths of ridiculousness. (Or perhaps it’s already there, if Tim Gunn’s facial expression when being forced to say “bottomless fries” in the context of a fashion competition is any indication.) And things are only going to get campier from here, as Deadline reports that Lifetime has renewed the fashion competition series for three more seasons, plus two more seasons for its spinoff series Project Runway All Stars and one more for its other spinoff series, Project Runway: Junior.


It’s also ordered a new series from Project Runway producer The Weinstein Company called Fashion Inc., which is basically just Shark Tank, but with fashion-specific business ideas. Looks pretty light on fashion superheroes and awkward fast-food tie-ins, but we’ll allow it.

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